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Top 14 WAF Providers in 2022 – The Best Solution


Cyber security is enjoying the most heightened attendance ever in history as a cyber-attack is happening every 39 seconds. While one offers a web app or a similar solution, the key focus should be protecting the end-user data and information. WAF is a great help to acquire this objective in the case of web applications. 

With the right sort of WAF protection, one can succeed in controlling multiple cyber world dangers at bay while enjoying stress-free operations. So, let’s get to know about top WAF providers together.

As you scroll down, you get to know about the best WAF companies that you can bank upon in 2022 and beyond.

What Is WAF?

You may consider WAF as a steadfast wall of protection for a web-based solutions. The tool came into being during the late 90s when online threats and attacks became common and caused a lot of havoc. Known as Web Application Firewall, this solution is meant to sift the traffic traded between the World Wide Web and your web app. 

Few WAF traits to keep in mind are as quoted below:

  • It monitors and filters the HTTP traffic;
  • Its position is before the web app it is protecting; 
  • It could be delivered in virtual and physical form.

The general types of attacks a best WAF company can prevent from transpiring are  cross-site forgery, XSS, DDoS, and SQL injection.

List of the Top 14 WAF providers

With time, WAF proved its viability in guarding a web-based app and creating a secured ecosystem for website users. This lured many technology players to jump into the WAF market and offer reliable WAFs. However, this has evolved as a headache for end-users as they have to select one amongst hundreds of top WAF providers. 

We carefully investigated the existing solutions and handpicked the top 14 WAF providers. Each one has gained an edge over others and offers the best WAF solutions. So, let’s get started.

Need crisp information as running short of time? We have it for you.

  1. Wallarm Cloud WAF – No installation hassles and varied features. With one WAF tool, you can protect APIs, serverless workloads, and web apps. No wonder that Wallarm ranks first among WAF solution providers as per G2.
  2. Prophaze – Free SSL certificate and customized security solutions are the best offerings of this WAF tool. The type of cloud environment used doesn’t matter for it as it can work in all the leading cloud ecosystems.
  3. F5 – A bliss for non-technical users seeking robust API and web app cybersecurity.
  4. NGINX – Definitely not for WAF beginners as the tool has a complex implementation path. However, each of its protection or threat prevention/avoidance methods are modern and viable.
  5. Cloudflare – Customization at its best; supports protocols like QUIC, SPDY and HTTP/2.
  6. Imperva – With this feature-enriched firewall, you will get an option to take managed services to leverage detailed assistance.
  7. AWS WAF – Agile protection approach with amazing scalability capabilities.
  8. Signal Sciences – Easy-to-use WAF tool with multiple security protection features. 
  9. AppTrana – Allow customers to challenge false positives; a fully manual pen testing facility is offered. 
  10. Barracuda – Proffers the facility of data loss prevention and automatic scanning. 
  11. Fortinet – AI-driven threat intelligence feed to keep customers posted about vulnerabilities. 
  12. HAProxy – Google reCAPTCHA v2 or v3 challenge is offered when any anomaly is figured out. 
  13. Azure WAF – A metered service with no subscription model. You pay for what you use or consume.
  14. Reblaze – Very accurate behavioral analysis.

1. Wallarm Cloud WAF

Even though Wallarm Cloud WAF is relatively new in the market, it has managed to defeat many veterans because of its unmatched features and qualities. It’s a one-stop protection tool handling the security of serverless workloads, APIs, and web applications with the same ease and perfection. 

There are very few WAF provider companies that offer such extensive assistance with one tool. This is why we have no qualms in calling it the best WAF of 2022.

We are not the only ones who are rooting for Wallarm Cloud WAF. As per the recent ranking and market analysis of G2.com, Wallarm ranked first in the Cloud WAF category. 

As this WAF too has zero false-positive rates, end-users firmed their faith in it instantly. Being a cloud WAF makes it extra lucrative as there is no tedious installation and extra hardware expenses. It’s a plug-and-play WAF tool granting endless opportunities to build safe web applications.

Key Features

  • End-to-end protection against OWASP Top 10 Threats
  • Protection of all kinds of API protocols, including REST, gRPC, SOAP, and GraphQL
  • Meets all the leading and compulsory compliances like PCI DSS and SOC2.
  • Automatic tuning

2. Prophaze 

Up next on the list is Prophaze, which is another famous cloud WAF tool. 

Prophaze is Kubernetes-based and claims to keep bad bots and DDoS attacks in a way. A distinct factor about Prophaze is its ability to work perfectly in multi and hybrid clouds. Whether you use AWS or Azure, it knows how to perfect its job and provide maximum web application security.

Websites that are newly launched and don’t have acquired SSL certificates can get it for free with Prophaze. What makes Prophaze a choice for the common man is the ease of usability. It doesn’t want you to be an expert and has a very beginner-friendly interface. 

Key Features

  • In-build AI firewall that alters the threat detection criteria as per the change in the application behavior. 
  • It can protect mobile, web, and backend APIs in any kind of cloud environment 
  • Can offer customized security solutions. 
  • It can keep an eye on Kubernetes operations and offer timely and accurate threat detection. 

3. F5

Being a veteran in the WAF industry has made F5 a household name. The Advanced WAF solution of F5 is offered as a cloud-based, public cloud, hardware, and on-premise deployment type. In each case, offered protection is considered worthy. 

As the tool uses ML and AI to monitor website behavior and threat detection, its analysis is accurate most of the time.

Other than keeping cyber threats at bay, it prevents the incidence of web scraping by providing powerful encryption to the browser. It delivers its promise of advanced security by encrypting the app layer data. By doing so, it limits the access of data-extracting malware.

While keeping existing and emergent threats away from your APIs and web application, the tool adheres with the industry’s best compliances. Those who have doubts about its utility can start with a free trial. The trial is valid for 15 days.

Key Features

  • Protection against credentials stolen incidents.
  • Behavioral DoS is a cutting-edge protection approach that controls web applications from L7 threats.
  • One is allowed to bring the Advanced WAF tool into action as a virtual tool, as a managed service, or as a software


Built to protect modern-era web and mobile apps, NGINX is the best WAF tool because of its strong and timely security. The tool is known as NGINX App Protect. Speaking of its cloud compatibility, it works well with Azure, GCP, and AWS. The tool is a freemium tool offering both a free and paid version.

Though NGINX is a long-established key player, the WAF tool was launched in 2020. As the tool is backed with notable features and unmatched functionalities, it soon gained name and fame in the industry. It has a wide customer base as it can safeguard websites and development ecosystems. We must mention one fact here. 

As there is no dedicated dashboard and App Protect needs command-line usage for implementation, it’s not for non-technical users. Only professionals can make the most of it.

Key Features 

  • CI/CD integration that automates the API security. 
  • It can be implemented on cloud environments like GCP, AWS, and Azure. 
  • NGINX Controller App Security features furnish a data-rich overview of app security aspects and can leverage the F5 Advanced WAF policies. 
  • Operating systems like Alpine Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Debian are compatible with the tool. 

5. Cloudflare

Cloudflare’s advanced WAF tool is a modern security solution designed to protect APIs and web applications. We loved the custom ruleset facility of Cloudflare as it allowed us to tailor the protection approach as per the need of the hour. 

The page shield feature is effective enough to keep 3rd party attacks in the browser. The tool features a highly authentic and responsive sensitive data detection notification system that keeps an eye on the change of responses involved in sensitive data. 

The in-built rate-limiting functionality has made the WAF tool highly effective in preventing brute force attacks. With this tool, end-users are allowed to design response options for logging, rate limiting, and blocking. 

Key Features

  • By protecting all the user accounts with the power of access control and encryption, it stops account hacking incidents.
  • Because of the robust network that is built over 100 Tbs, request processing is quick and seamless.
  • End-users are allowed to enjoy zero-day protection for virtual patching.
  • The tool brings extensive DDoS mitigation services into action for effective protection. 
  • It is useful to guard the system against bot attacks, DDoS attacks, malicious payloads, and other anomalies. 

6. Imperva

Imperva is a globally-famed cybersecurity company offering assorted solutions. Its cloud WAF is what interested us the most. It works as a proxy server for web applications and cleans the traffic before it reaches the application. 

Along with offering top-notch security, Imperva Cloud WAF delivers power-packed services like CDN and managed services. The USP of this cloud WAF is SOC that warrants immediate and timely protection. From the very second, a vulnerability is detected, remedial solutions are implemented. This responsive approach keeps the damage on the lower side. 

Automation of the highest grade is used in this tool that makes security policy creation and rules application prompt without risking any operational front. 

Key Features 

  • The in-build virtual patching facility will be applied on the patches automatically and keep the system protected. 
  • PCI-compliant operations. 
  • The tool can shield active and legacy resources, APIs, containers, third-party applications, and VMs. 
  • The tool is delivered as a virtual resource, cloud service, and on-premise software. 


Users, looking for protection against customary web exploits and bots able to degrade the performance of your web application, can try AWS WAF. It can keep incidents of excessive resource consumption and poor security while granting you full control over the traffic. As the tool features tailor-made rules, its activation is not too exhausting. Speaking of its protection reach, every threat mentioned in OWASP Top 10 can be well taken care of. 

As end-users are offered fully automated security API, security rules designing, deployment, and management becomes easy. It can provide commendable security on AWS, load balancer, API gateway, and AWS AppSync. 

Key Features 

  • Web traffic filtering feature makes designing of web- traffic filtering rules’ designing and implementation possible. 
  • AWS WAF Bot Control feature grants an unmatched ability to monitor bot traffic from beginning to end. 
  • With the use of Amazon Cloud Watch integration, it’s easy to gain data-driven insights on the threats. 
  • AWS Shield Standard offers an added security layer as it offers in-built DDoS attack protection. 

8. Signal Sciences

Signal Sciences goes a step ahead when it comes to customer ease as instead of offering a complex configuration, end-users are endowed with the facility to alter the DNS settings so that the incoming web application traffic is diverted to the Signal Sciences’ cloud engine. 

This security approach is easy-to-implement. Its WAF protection can be used on a variety of ecosystems like multi or hybrid clouds and containers. Automatic blocking and scanning are applied to Signal Sciences’ cloud engine which processes nearly 200 billion requests per week.

While legacy WAF products require signature tuning to rule out false positives, Signal Sciences SmartParse virtually eliminates incorrect detections. An impressive 95% of their customers run Signal Sciences WAF in full blocking mode.

Key Features

  • The protection profile is extensive that covers OWASP Top 10 threats, API abuse, DDoS attacks, bot attacks, and account takeovers. 
  • With automated threat scanning and blocking, more than 200 billion requests can be processed per week. 
  • Real-time analysis and reporting in threat analysis, remedial solutions, data protection, and other key metrics are offered. 

9. AppTrana

Intending to target mass and offer one-stop web-based solution security, AppTrana has come a long way and has firmed its feet in the industry. Its WAF is delivered as a managed service and is capable of keeping assorted cyber vulnerabilities away from your web applications.

It differs from its peers because it offers a generic resource. Customers are in-charge of the solution customization. It’s a very customer-centric WAF proffering the facility to call for false-positive checks. If you have an intuition that you’re receiving false positives then you can tweak the security rules. 

Key Features 

  • The protection is around the clock as frequent scans can be performed along with gray box testing. 
  • End-users facing troubles in conducting pen testing can take the help of a manual pen-testing feature wherein a dedicated security expert will spot the vulnerabilities for you and provide timely assistance. 
  • With the custom patch feature, users can redefine the security protection rules and enhance the protection. 
  • Two-layer DDoS protection ensures enhanced protection. 

10. Barracuda

Barracuda won our and many other hearts because of its easy learning curve and has emerged as a security tool of the common man. There is a free trial facility as well. 

The tool is functional as a SaaS service, as software, as a virtual tool, and as a private cloud. The tool features a wide range of security practices capable of protecting your APIs, digital web-based solutions, and servers. 

Not only this WAF is useful to reduce the possibilities of hacking; it will help you identify the hackers by using a top-notch fingerprinting approach. The approach tracks all the activities of a hacker and can help you decode the further attack strategy. This is a unique point about this best WAF. 

Key Features

  • System hardening is an inventive feature that boost-up the system performance by closing all the loopholes. 
  • With the data loss prevention feature, both the incoming and outgoing traffic is monitored closely for vulnerabilities and to prevent authorized data access. 
  • Integrates well with other cybersecurity tools for the effective SIEM implementation and management.

11. Fortinet

FortiWeb WAF is a SaaS-based solution. Developed by Fortinet, this WAF can work for private cloud hosting, VMs, and containers with equal ease and perfection. Its DDoS protection assistance through cloud is of top-notch quality. 

This enhanced firewall deploys effective remedial solutions for detected threats using machine learning that are advanced as well as multi-layered. So, it is suitable for safeguarding your internal and external web entities. 

With Fortinet’s solution’s highly responsive threat intelligence feed, it’s easy to be notified of the hacker’s activity and take timely action. 

Key Features 

  • Its API is amazing at identifying the visible and hidden threats coming from bots, URLs, and data 
  • IP reputation feature is here to blocks malicious IPs instantly and filter the traffic effectively. 
  • FortiSandbox Cloud is a premium service performing dynamic analysis to spot hidden malware and other vulnerabilities in the infancy stage. 

12. HAProxy

The multi-layer security approach of HAProxy is hard to ignore and is enough to keep various security threats away from web apps alongside the APIs. The WAF tool is fast and is highly scalable. Along with HTTP traffic, it can proxy the TCP traffic as well. It’s the differentiator for HAProxy. 

Key Features 

  • Great integration facility with tools like Netdata, Datadog, Tutum, and Honeycomb. 
  • Advance SSL/TLS certification for websites is offered. 
  • With automatic ACL updates, runtime errors and downtime is required significantly. 

13. Azure WAF 

A highly feature-rich cloud WAF from the house of Microsoft, Azure WAF is capable of providing robust threat protection at the application layer. Malicious elements such as XSS, SQL, web- hacking can be blocked effectively. 

End-to-end customization and security strategy management are offered to the end-users. The WAF works like a proxy and will keep a record of inbound and outbound HTTP traffic. This way, it is very useful to reduce data loss incidents and enjoy a two-way traffic monitoring facility. 

Without any human intervention, automatic real-time tracking of OWASP Top 10 Threats is done. Though the security rules are pre-defined, there is a scope for customization. What sets it apart from other best WAFs is its metered charge-based costing model. 

There is no subscription model. 

Key Features 

  • The Azure Monitor feature is here to track diagnostic information in real-time. Data related to metrics like security alerts and logs can be gathered with full accuracy.
  • Azure policy features will help you meet the security standards quickly and adhere to the industry’s best compliances. 
  • The WAF offers optimized RestAPI support for complete DevOps automation. 

14. Reblaze

Based on a highly futuristic virtual private cloud, Reblaze is a WAF tool for the future. This best WAF brings modern behavioral analysis into action to do accurate threat analysis. Other than spotting common cyber threats, it’s a viable way to keep web application dangers like network access denial, excessive resource consumption, and reverse engineering of certain pages. The tool setup is straightforward. 

Key Features 

  • The threat blacking listing feature will cover extensive vulnerabilities and inform the users immediately. 
  • A Custom configuration facility is offered. 


In times of surged cyber vulnerabilities, WAF is not a luxury. It’s a need of the hour. However, one can only enjoy the claimed protection and peace of mind if solutions from top WAF providers are used. In the post, we featured the top 14 players in the WAF industry. The top placeholder, Wallarm, excels at fronts like all-inclusive protection, user-friendliness, compliances, and cloud compatibility. 
So, it’s worth a try. However, one thing that should be the first selection criteria is the free trial as it’s the viable way to check the actual functionality of a WAF. So, make a decision wisely and get the best WAF for your web-enabled apps.

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