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How to test, evaluate, compare, and bypass web application and API security solutions like WAF, NGWAF, RASP, and WAAP

Top API security companies

Even if a developer remains extra diligent and takes appropriate measures, sustaining API security is one front where professionalism is imperative. One app/software development demands thousands of API processing and single-hand handling of all these APIs will lack security, utility, and accessibility.

Top API security companies

For better API security handling and gaining boosted API visibility, seeking the help of an API security service provider is a wise move as it saves time and effort while making APIs safer to use. The aid offered by top API security vendors is comprehensive looking after everything from discovering the shadow APIs to implementing API authorization rules. 

Here we present the top API security vendors worthy of your trust and investment:


Wallarm is a trusted platform offering top-quality and through-and-through security for all sorts of APIs. This one tool can protect REST, SOAP, graphQL, and gRPC APIs in any environment. What makes it unique is its ability to protect APIs against multiple threats. 

According to the reputable g2.com marketplace, Wallarm ranks as the number one provider of API protection solutions, see for yourself – link.

Known for its ultra-low false positives, Wallarm can be used easily with the industry’s best API Gateway solutions. As the API security platform is deployed seamlessly in AWS, Azure, and hybrid clouds, rookie API developers can also claim for boosted security in their projects.

Using Wallarm, APIs can be kept away from the reach of OWASP Top 10 threats, API abuse, and credential stuffing. Such comprehensive API protection is a great way to accelerate the development process and maintenance cycle while making zero compromises on API security.

wallarm logo 2

All in all, this hybrid SaaS API security platform is indeed one of the topmost API security vendors and is what utterly secured APIs need.

Key Features

  • The API security platform is skilled enough to automate API spec detection at a large scale and doesn’t ask for manual configuration and schema uploading.
  • Intelligent parsing of JSON, XML, WebSocket, gRPC, GraphQL API calls is possible. 
  • Automatically identifies the multiple format and protocols while applying the key chain of parsers. 
  • The tool features Automated Threat Verification that is useful to lower down the possibility of attacks via multiple API scans. 
  • Free API security tool
  • Cloud-Native WAAP

Google Apigee Sense 

Developed by Google, Apigee Sense is a cutting-edge behavior monitoring tool that can detect the API vulnerabilities in their infancy stage by spotting any API behavior abnormality. Following this continual behavior monitoring approach, the tool helps developers and API users to keep bot attacks at bay while activating API protection strategy automatically.

The key technology of the API security platform, behavior detection, is one of its kinds and operates by monitoring the metadata and every single client request. Nothing goes unnoticed by this technology and suspicious activities in every API layer are identity quickly. The tool allows developers to automate the response towards one or multiple threats based on pre-defined rules.

apigee sense logo

Key Features 

  • With Apigee Sense, you get a visual dashboard representing details on key metrics like bot analytics, future API security plans, and API safety trends.
  • Actions like API throttling, bots ensnaring, and risk mitigations are automated and don’t wait for human intervention.
  • There is a highly advanced algorithm at work in this tool that can identify multiple kinds of API anomalies.


Imperva has gained popularity as a top API security vendor because of its highly automated security model. Using the model, developers can spot the assorted API vulnerabilities in their early stages. Susceptibilities like injection, excessive data exposure, mass assignment, and many more can be stopped from harming your API with the help of Imperva.

Enjoying the inventive API security product of Imperva is super easy as it only demands the uploading of the created OpenAPI specification file. Based on the requirements, the automated positive security model of Imperva will implement the API security practices. The model can protect all the API end-points before publication.

imperva logo

Key Features 

  • Other than OWASP Top 10, Imperva API security platform can keep 
  • Account takeover, DDoS, and bot attacks away from your APIs. 
  • The platform offers a free trial to understand its offering 


Okta is an easy-to-use platform to maintain the pink health of different kinds of APIs that an enterprise can use. The main utility of this tool is the activation of OAuth 2.0 and API access management policies implementation. It will allow you to bring OAuth 2.0 in full swing.

The tool is flexible enough to work well with all the leading API gateways. Hence, it’s suitable for any kind of ecosystem. The transparent provisioning facility of this tool is outstanding as the end-users are offeredOkta Universal Directory providing a unified view of anyone using APIs. This keeps the API overuse or ill-use under control. 

okta logo

Just like any other faced top API security comp vendors, Okta offers protection against OWASP Top 10. But, it goes the extra mile and helps developers to keep API security breaches at a deeper layer away. All the modern API protection approaches and API authorization based on context and groups can also be used.

Key Features

  • One single tool can assist in performing API user authorization and authentication. 
  • End-to-end API management with implementation of easy-to-understand API authorization practices.
  • A centralized dashboard and system log provide inputs on API access and usage.

TeejLab Inc.

Developers looking of comprehensive API governance with industry’s best standards must seek the help of TeejLab Inc. as the platform offer a highly inventive Software Composition Analysis system. The system makes real-time and accurate identifying of shadow/hidden, private/public APIs easy as it follows a pre-built via a KnowledgeBase. 

The focus of this API safeguarding platform is on web API and it offers multiple solutions to extensive API Governance. For instance, there is API Discovery and Lifecycle Manager software that is responsible for managing the API economy and allows enterprises to ensure effective API usage management. 

TeejLab Inc. logo

At the API security front, TeejLab helps developers to ensure continual monitoring of API security, risks, and compliance changes. 

Key Features 

  • The tool allows embedding API security practices in the CI/CD pipeline before introducing Open Source Libraries. 
  • Reliable API discovery facility is delivered in the form of API Discovery Manager that will spot any hidden API in source code. 
  • The tool performs continual gateway and network scanning for early API threats detection. 


The next name to include in this extensive ‘Top API Security Vendors’ is Reblaze. It is better known for its completely managed API protection and safety environment. Along with APIs, this cloud-based platform can protect websites and applications with the same ease and excellence.

The next-gen API security approaches against API threats like bot attacks, DoS WAF, API overuse, and many more are delivered via this tool.

The client-side SDK of Reblaze is an out-of-box facility as it ensures that all the traffic, reaching your APIs, is TLS encrypted and is verified thoroughly all the time. Nothing but the authenticated API calls will be entertained.

Reblaze logo

The tool goes a step beyond the customary API security and offers dependable protection against notorious attacks and threats like abusing coupons, inventory denial attacks, scraping data without authentication or for misuse, and application-layer attacks.

Key Features

  • The ML of the tools is capable to offer highly accurate threat detection. 
  • Users are offered the facility of a secure private and public cloud with preferred security features. 
  • APIs are protected against reverse engineering.

Salt Security

The use of big data, updated AI, and advanced ML for API security are the features that make Salt Security stands out in the crowd and get named as Top API Security vendors in the world. Before you, millions of API users and developers have already used this tool and succeeded in preventing multiple API attacks.

The patented AI of Salt Security keeps an eye on all the API calls and traffic while deciding norms that specify the legitimate behavior of API. More than 100 attributes are used to define the API behaviors. Based on these pre-defined traits, the tool’s AI spots the API threats and notifies the administrators.

salt logo

Key Features

  • Its usage can simplify API compliance and make it robust in tracking API consumption from beginning to end.
  • Automatically, all the API usage activities are correlated to do early API threat identification.


Trusted by many enterprises and developers across the globe, Moesif is a futuristic API security tool featuring advanced AI for early API threat detection. It’s a step ahead of old-school WAF protection.

Its API detection is vast as it can analyze the API usage as per the country, API keys, and other key metrics and create a list of acceptable API behavior. Anything that doesn’t match the pre-set behavior criteria will be stopped from entering into your API ecosystem. 

The tool has higher utility as wide technical stack integrations are offered to the end-users. It can pair well with your analytical, CRM, and alert systems and boost API security.

Moesif logo

There is one more key fact to know about Moesif and its ability to encrypt the API production and backup data. The encryption key used Is 256-bit AES that is the best in the market. 

Key Features

  • Continual API access logs allow developers to end-users to trim down the API compliance and privacy-related risks.
  • User authorization for all key API types can be set up. It can activate Single-Sign-in along with role-based user authorization. Password-access for new API users can be set up. 
  • Real-time alerts are shared to administrators when expected huge API calls to traffic are entered into the system.


With Akamai, developers are endowed with a feature-rich and power-packed API security and protector tool that brings sophisticated API security practices to action. With 5 times fewer false positives and 2 times more accuracy, Akamai’s API security is indeed consider-worthy.

The automatic detection, notification, and fixing of a wide range of API threats make the API risk’s surface area reduced significantly with the least possible efforts invested. The DevOps integration of the tool is laudable as it allows seamless pairing with CI/CD pipeline, API portfolios, and other resources.

Akamai logo

Key Features

  • As the tool banks upon DNS, its service delivery is quality-oriented and timely.
  • Offers API risk mitigation, authorization, and management assistance.
  • A dedicated Application Security API is offered that can integrate well with WAF and boost the API security strategy.


42Crunch is a well-known API Security vendor in the world and is winning developers’ hearts with its superb automation. There is no manual configuration, behavior detection, and API monitoring. Developers will define the rules and the tool will follow them while eliminating all the leading API threats in their early stage. The tool will push the OpenAPI in the CI/CD pipeline and audit the APIs automatically. 

The tool also allows end-users to bring Zero-trust police into action and empower the API security a bit more. The API security facility of 42Crunch is a multi-dimensional approach assisting at fronts like WAF protection, end-to-end API management, and API authorization. Viable protection against OWASP Top 10 API risks are offered. 


The tool follows a distributed enforcement model that is compatible with multiple microservices. Hence, public and private APIs can be kept out of harm’s way with equal excellence. 

Key Features 

  • There is a separate and highly comprehensive API security approach for the Microsoft ecosystem. 
  • Each stage of API security is automated. 
  • Free assistance for OpenAPI / Swagger editing in VS Code is offered.

Ending Notes 

API usage, with the backing of adequate API security practices, can be proved highly risky as API vulnerabilities can ruin your efforts in no time. As API carries crucial data, ensuring its safety and keeping API threats like DDoS, coupon abuse, excessive API traffic, and so on away is crucial. 

As API security is conducted at large, taking the help of quality and trusted top API security companies is a wise move. The top picks, mentioned in the post, are here to help. Give them a try and understand the worth of upgraded API security.